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Washington Parish Government will be accepting sealed bids for the following supplies for the January 1, 2023 through December 31, 2023 purchasing cycle:

Road Petroleum Products:   Tack Oil (EPR 1 & CSS-1-H), Tar (CRS 2), Hot and Cold Mix.

Gravel Products:  Wash, Road, #67 and Pea Gravel, Sand, Clay, Crushed Gravel, Limestone

Signs:   Road Signs, Posts and Hardware

Other Road / Equipment materials:  Flowable Fill; Culverts; Bridge Timbers and Materials; Grader Blades; Fuel (Unleaded Gasoline & Diesel)

The bid proposal form must be complete with entries made in all applicable spaces for the materials to be considered for bid.  THE BID FORM FOR THE MATERIAL FOR WHICH YOU WISH TO BE CONSIDERED MUST BE COMPLETED, SIGNED, AND DATED.  Bids will be awarded to the most responsive, responsible bidder submitting the lowest bid.  If you qualify for Louisiana manufactured goods preference, please state so on your bid form and why you qualify.


All bid documents must be sealed with the outside of the envelope clearly marked:  BID DOCUMENTS ENCLOSED – 2023 SUPPLY BID AND “THE PRODUCT OR PRODUCTS YOU ARE SUBMITTING A BID ON”. 


These supply bids are for the 12 month period January 1, 2023 through December 31, 2023.


Washington Parish Government reserves the right to reject any or all bids. All bidders should have the ability to provide proper invoicing on at least a monthly basis and follow the WPG purchase order policy. All bids must be received at the office of Washington Parish Government by 2:00 p.m. Thursday December 15th, 2022.  Additionally, electronic bids may be placed at www.bidexpress.com.   Online bidding is sealed (cannot be accessed by the parish) until the opening time and date.

The government office is located at:  909 Pearl Street, Franklinton, LA  70438.  Our office number is 985-839-7825 opt 1, if you have questions please direct them to Donnell Merritt or Charlet Lewis at this number.

Specifications - Bridge Material Bid form

Specifications - Crushed Gravel Bid Form

Specifications - Culverts Bid Form

Specifications - Flowable fill Bid Form

Specifications - Fuel Bid Form

Specifications - Grader Blades Bid Form

Specifications - Gravel Sand Clay Bid form

Specifications - High Perform Hot and Cold Mix Bid Form

Specifications - Limestone Bid Form

Specifications - Primer Bid Form

Specifications - Signs Bid Form

Specifications - Street Name Signs Bid Form

Specifications - Tar Bid Form

Tar Specs