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Washington Parish Is Requesting Sealed Bids for The Court House HVAC Modernization Project located at 908 Washington Street, Franklinton, LA. 70438.  Project overview includes the upgrade and modernization of the HVAC Equipment and Control Systems for the Washington Parish Court House.  Improvements will extend the useful life of the Courthouse and improve temperature, humidity, air quality, and overall comfort levels within the occupied space.  Project includes the removal and replacement of the two (2) existing Chiller Systems, one (1) Boiler Unit, one (1) Cooling Tower, two (2) Chilled Water Pump, two (2) Condenser Water Pumps, and two (2) Air Handling Units.  Project to include new outside air control dampers and actuators, new 3-way control valves, and new Electric Zone Controls.  Modernization of the HVAC Control Systems to include Direct Digital Controls with Front End and HMI.  New lighting, ceiling tiles, and HVAC Equipment to be installed in the Council Chambers Area.  Each Scope of Work will require bidding contractors to perform all Mechanical, Plumbing, Electrical, and Control work.  A Project Schedule and Project Timeline of Activities will be required by the awarded contractor.

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WP - Original Mechanical Drawings combined 9.23.20

Washingotn Parish Courthouse HVAC upgrade project 9.23.20

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Bid equipment specifications 9.23.20

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