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Public Works Department

Leo Lucchesi - Director, Department of Public Works – Floodplain Administrator








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DPW UPDATE – 5/11/15


Roadway blacktopping report – this year 35.3 miles of Parish Maintained roads are scheduled to be blacktopped; to date 30% 19/63 of the total number roads have been blacktopped


DOTD Road Transfer Program – Parish roads (Choctaw & Dummyline) that were accepted by DOTD. These roads were added to the DOTD maintenance program.  Currently we are working with the design engineers to expedite the paving & drainage requirements for each road. To complete the culvert crossings, thus expediting the roadway preparation and save money the parish DPW will purchase and install the required drainage structures prior to the DOTD re-construction of this parish road.

 During design through the completion of construction the DOTD has designated these roads as follows;

4.129 miles of Choctaw Rd (from Hwy. 10 north to Hwy. 436)

As control section 870-07 & LA route 3111

1.971 miles of Dummyline Rd (from John Jones Rd. to Hwy 1072)

As control section 870-08 & LA route 3171 

The roadway construction bid date is scheduled for August 2015


Poole’s Bluff Recreational Trails Program – the fishing pier on the Pearl River is complete (Photo Attached)

 We are proud of this pier project; first of its kind in recent memory. This affords the public access to a convenient location for a scenic view or to drop a line into the waters at the Pearl; We want to extend or sincere thanks to the DPW crew, the RCC leadership and inmate laborers for contributing to the success of this project.



Pier at the Pearl






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Please fill out the form below if you have a problem with your road or need a culvert installed