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Leo Lucchesi - Director, Department of Public Works – Floodplain Administrator






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UPDATE September 11, 2017


Animal Shelter Building Program - Washington Parish, Louisiana


This is a narrative of the proposed building to control the rabid / diseased animal population of Washington Parish, Louisiana, to be built on Washington Parish Government property in a rural section of Franklinton, known as Sheridan. The building is located on the grounds of a DPW facility at 23046 Yacc Road at the intersection with LA. State Hwy. 10, between Franklinton and Bogalusa.

 The money budgeted in 2017 will be used to hire contract labor; the Parish DPW will continue to stage areas on the grounds in preparation for the contracted work. To date this 3,250 square foot building has been totally renovated to allow for the examination, isolation, and surgical space to service animals as well as offices for administrative staff and the visiting public.  The plumbing, electrical, HVAC and venting systems in this portion of the facility have been updated to building code standards.

 The Parish will continue to solicit competitive bids to construct a dedicated waste water system, kennels and build fencing and gates to control the rabid / diseased animal population. Additional funding is required to complete the remaining brick and mortar portion of the shelter. The existing building plus new outdoor extensions will total approximately 5,500 square feet.


 Construction / renovations completed

 Climate-controlled intake and exam room with services required for temporary housing of stray and/or abandoned small animals

 Climate-controlled isolation and exam room with separate entry

 Work room with food storage and preparation areas, general storage, bathing and grooming area, and janitor’s station.

 Administrative office, storage and admission area.

 Restrooms for the general public and staff.  (ADA accessible)

  Laundry Facility 

Constructed additional piping to add to the fresh water resources as needed for the animals consumption and for cleaning the facility; an existing, functioning water well is at the DPW site.


The scope of work remaining will include but not limited to the following:


Secure funding to purchase Furniture, Fixtures and equipment


Establish a ventilated general kennel area with 3’x6’ & 3’ X 12’ concrete and chain-linked runs, sloped towards trench drains and piping leading to a waste water system approved by the SPCA and the State of Louisiana DH&H. The plan is to attain a capacity of 20 dogs that could be doubled up in case of temporary excessive animal inflow.


Construction: 4” minimum concrete, outdoor slab-on-grade w/portions sloped drains throughout.


Construct a fenced-in yard adjacent to the existing DPW building; fencing and gating will be used to separate the animals as needed and /or recommended by the veterinarian overseeing the animal control program.


Currently, construction materials (concrete block & reinforcement steel) purchased for this facility are  being stored at the Yacc Road site.

Our mission is much broader than building a block and mortar building.  An operation & maintenance organizational plan will be written, promulgated and legislated into law; any additional funding will lead to an  program that will improve general health and control diseases of animals in Washington Parish.

The Laws of the State of Louisiana mandate that each Parish is responsible to establish and use all resources available to establish an animal care facility.

With the adoption of Resolution No. 17-812, the Washington Parish Government will have dedicated resources to move this program forward.


Volunteers are welcome to contact our administrative staff to assist with this beneficial program.





BOGALUSA RESIDENTIAL REMODEL/ADDITION                                      12

BOGALUSA RESIDENTIAL NEW CONSTRUCTION                                      5

BOGALUSA UTILITY                                                                           833

FRANKLINTON RESIDENTIAL REMODEL/ADDITION                                 12

FRANKLINTON RESIDENTIAL NEW CONSTRUCTION                                  5

FRANKLINTON UTILITY                                                                        20


WASHINGTON PARISH NEW MOBILE HOME                                         129

WASHINGTON PARISH NEW RESIDENTIAL                                            86

WASHINGTON PARISH LOGGING                                                        117

WASHINGTON PARISH UTILITY                                                           407

COMMERCIAL REMODEL/ADDITION                                                       10

COMMERICAL NEW CONSTRUCTION                                                      12

ANGIE/VARNADO                                                                                  8

TOTAL   1761


Recently the contract to replace single span bridges / drainage structures was signed

by Parish President Richard N. Thomas, Jr.  and Skip Magee, President & Owner of  Magee Excavation & Development, LLC. 

Looking on during the signing are three Parish Directors, Tommy Thiebaud - Homeland Security & Emergency Preparedness, Leo Lucchesi - Public Works & Floodplain Administrator, and Donna Graham - Finance Department

The 24 new drainage structures are located throughout the Parish; they are designed to improve the conveyance of storm water drainage across parish roads and mitigate flooding.  The construction project is valued at $ 2.03 million made available through 100% funding from FEMA and Louisiana GOHSEP.  The construction is scheduled to begin in July of this year and scheduled for completion within a 10 – 12 month span.

See listing of locations below.


24 New Culvert Structure Locations Washington Parish       
 Airport Rd., Bogalusa
 (Bill) Knight Rd., Franklinton
 Bogue Chitto Heights (Carter Rd.),  Franklinton,
 Bonner Creek Rd., Franklinton
 Ernest Crain Rd., Franklinton
 Hagedorn Rd., Bogalusa 
Jim Edwards Rd., Franklinton
 Jim Stuart Rd., Angie 70426
 Keaton Rd., Bogalusa
 Lawrence Creek Rd, Franklinton 
 Military Rd., Angie 70426
 Melton Magee Rd., Franklinton
 Mitch Rd., Bogalusa
 Monroe's Creek Rd., Angie 70426
 Mt. Pleasant Rd., Bogalusa
 Old Columbia Rd., Franklinton
 Old Lake Rd. South, Franklinton
 Otis Bickham Rd., Franklinton
 Perry Erwin Rd., Franklinton
 River Rd., Franklinton
 Seal Rd., Angie 70426
 Sunny Hill Rd., Franklinton
 TC Brumfield, Franklinton
 Wayne Young Rd., Franklinton 
Compiled June 9, 2017…Leo Lucchesi


Parish Courthouse – top floor lobby, foyer, main courtroom, Jury deliberation room was renovated over the past three weeks. New chairs are on order and will be in place ASAP… court sessions in the main courtroom will resume next week.

DOTD – WPG Road Transfer Program – 2.6 miles of La Hwy 438 is paved. Repairs to the DOTD Bridge on the Hwy 438 segment are pending a credit audit by DOTD designers.

Sidewalk Rehabilitation Project – Design plans were reviewed during a “plan – in – hand” field visit and walk through … all ADA compliance concerns were addressed… comments and designs that conform with the ADA format will be incorporated in the final plans. This downtown Franklinton sidewalk project is funded by a DOTD grant 

Rayburn Correctional Center – a bridge over a tributary to Scarborough’s Creek was re-built by the DPW crew. This project is made possible through an Intergovernmental Agreement between the Louisiana Department of Corrections and WPG.

24 New Culvert Structures -A contract to replace single span bridges / drainage structures was signed by President Thomas and Skip Magee, owner & President of Magee Excavation & Development.

The 24 new drainage structures are located throughout the Parish; they are designed to improve the conveyance of storm water drainage across parish roads and mitigate flooding.  The construction project is valued at $ 2.03 million made available through 100% funding from FEMA and Louisiana GOHSEP.  The construction is scheduled to begin in July of this year and scheduled for completion within

For construction locations please see attached list.

Two Shot Roadway Surface Treatment - Answer to a commonly asked question…

Can asphalt / 2 shot paving be constructed in the rain or after rain events?

Asphalt paving cannot be completed while it is raining.

Also, Paving must also be delayed if it has rained and the clay / gravel base is saturated. It may take 48 to 72 Hours for Clay / Gravel base material to sufficiently dry out before applying CRS2 emulsion

While WPG crews would like to be able to complete jobs during any weather conditions, CRS2 emulsion is a bituminous product mix that contains oils. These oils repel water, and laying CRS2 emulsion while it is actively raining or atop saturated clay/gravel will cause unintended results that affect the quality of the project.

The repelling of oil from water means that cracks or holes may form in a newly installed “Two Shot” road resurfacing. These cracks can quickly turn into potholes or product separation.

The damage and quality concerns related to placing CRS2 emulsion in wet conditions can be observed immediately. The oil that separates from the 2 shot roadway treatment as it repels water will rise to the top of the newly surfaced road and will cause loss of structural integrity to the finished product.

 End of update


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