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Leo Lucchesi - Director, Department of Public Works – Floodplain Administrator






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DPW UPDATE – March 13, 2017


DOTD Road Transfer Program – The pavement rehabilitation of Dummyline Road and North Choctaw Road (approximately 6 Miles) is complete and returned to the DPW inventory.  Construction of Hwy 3124 (S. Columbia Rd.) 0.9 miles from Bogalusa line to Hwy 21 is also complete; at this time the last segment of 2.6 miles is under construction…the base stabilization (soil cement) is nearly complete. This segment is in Angie on Hwy 438 from Hwy 21 to Old Columbia Road.


Choctaw Landfill – the new cell # 6 is active and the topping off of cells 4 & 5 (commencement of closure) will begin in an estimated 3 to 4 months


Sidewalk Rehabilitation Project – the downtown Franklinton sidewalk project is funded by a DOTD grant…Preliminary plans have been submitted to DOTD…the environmental clearances are completed.  Preliminary designs and plans will be classified as “95%” complete…the 95% plans will be used in a plan-in-hand field walk-thru with WPG, Meyer’s design engineers and DOTD  


WPSO - new elevator installation is in progress…special ordered parts are on order…project completion scheduled in early April. Northlake Premier Elevator of Madisonville is the contractor of record


25 Bridge to Culvert program – Drainage improvements at 25 locations throughout the parish …bids were received on March 3… the apparent low bidder is Magee Excavation & Development, LLC, Covington La….low bid price $$ 2,157,028.61 …0.325% over engineer’s estimate of 2.15 million


 Parish DPW Road Rehabilitation Program 2017 – The current list includes 15 roads totaling 18.3 miles (more will be added)…culverts are installed on 7 of these roads…culverts on 5 of these roads are on order…culvert orders are pending on the other 3 on the list.


  Washington Parish Library – A feasibility study to determine if the repurposing of the Angie Jr High School facility for the development of a new branch library and recreation center is underway. Preliminary plans will be presented to the Washington School Board and the Library Board for review.   



End of update



Animal Shelter Building Program - Washington Parish, Louisiana – 2-16-17


This is a narrative of the proposed building / shelter to serve the stray, abused and diseased animals of Washington Parish, Louisiana, to be built on Washington Parish Government property in a rural section of Franklinton, known as Sheridan. The building is located on the grounds of a DPW facility at 23046 Yacc Road at the intersection with LA. State Hwy. 10, between Franklinton and Bogalusa.


Funding from Louisiana Government Assistance Program (LGAP) funding has been dedicated for use to hire contract labor; to date this 3,250 square foot building has been totally renovated to allow for the examination, isolation, and surgical space to service animals as well as offices for administrative staff and the visiting public.  The plumbing, electrical, HVAC and venting systems in this portion of the facility have been updated to building code standards.


The Parish will continue to solicit competitive bids to construct a dedicated waste water system, kennels and build fencing and gates to control and house the animal population. Additional funding is required to complete the remaining brick and mortar portion of the shelter. The existing building plus new outdoor extensions that will house / service the animals will total approximately 5,500 square feet.




Construction / renovations completed


Climate-controlled intake and exam room with services required for temporary housing of stray and/or abandoned small animals


Climate-controlled isolation and exam room with separate entry.


Work room with food storage and preparation areas, general storage, bathing and grooming area, and janitor’s station.


Administrative office, storage and admission area.


            Restrooms for the general public and staff.  (ADA accessible)


            Laundry Facility


            Constructed additional piping to add to the fresh water resources as needed for the animals consumption and for cleaning the facility; an existing, functioning water well is at the DPW site.



The scope of work remaining will include but not limited to the following:


Secure funding to purchase Furniture, Fixtures and equipment

Establish a ventilated general kennel area with 3’x6’ & 3’ X 12’ concrete and chain-linked runs, sloped towards trench drains and piping leading to a waste water system approved by the SPCA and the State of Louisiana DH&H. The plan is to attain a capacity of 20 dogs that could be doubled up in case of temporary excessive animal inflow.

Construction: 4” minimum concrete, outdoor slab-on-grade w/portions sloped drains throughout.

Construct a fenced-in yard adjacent to the existing DPW building; fencing and gating will be used to separate the animals as needed and /or recommended by the veterinarian overseeing the animal control  program.

Currently, construction materials (concrete block & reinforcement steel) purchased for this facility are being stored at the Yacc Road site.

Our mission is much broader than building a block and mortar building.  An animal control and care program needs to be written, promulgated and legislated into law; additional funding will be necessary to establish a sustainable sheltering facility and monitor the general health and track diseases of stray animals.
The Laws* of the State of Louisiana mandate that each Parish is responsible to establish and use all resources available to make the long term changes for animal care that local organizations simply cannot.           

*LA R.S. 3:2773 requires that "the sheriff, constable, or other police officers of any parish, ward, or municipality shall seize any dog found unaccompanied by its owner or keeper and running at large on any road, street, or other public place, or trespassing on any premises other than the premises of the owner."

 *LA R.S. 3:2774 requires that "each parish shall provide suitable shelters or facilities for dogs seized under the provisions of this Part".

 Currently, the Washington Parish Government is working with limited dedicated resources to move this program forward.

Volunteers are welcome to contact our administrative staff to assist with this beneficial program.          




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