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Public Works Department


Leo Lucchesi - Director of Public Works


Floodplain Manager
Office: 985-839-7825
Cell: 985-515-9196
Fax: 985-839-7862
E-Mail: llucchesi@wpgov.org



  DPW UPDATE - 9/08/14


Roadway blacktopping report – Approx. 50% of the total mileage is complete. 32 roads of 57 scheduled for 2014 are blacktopped 56%; new culvert crossings are installed on all scheduled roads.


WPSO air conditioning – A contract to repair the 60-ton Chiller is issued; Morgan’s Mechanical Services is low proposer for the project. Note a rental unit is in place to keep the WPSO administrative offices and jail air conditioned during the interim; new unit will be available for delivery on or about November 8 – it takes 8 weeks to manufacture unit to specifications.


DOTD Road Transfer Program – Parish roads (Choctaw & Dummyline) were surveyed; subsequent to studying the core samples taken by the DOTD, construction cost estimates were re-evaluated; as a result the estimated cost to repair parish roads totals $ 1,015,460.00 - which will leave a credit of   $ 368,306.00 for additional roadway improvements under this Transfer Program. It appears that a cost savings over the original DOTD estimates will be realized. This information is written into a resolution and Cooperative Endeavor Agreement approved by Parish Council on November 25; signed documents from DOTD are pending.


Courthouse and Parish Administration Building - the installation of the security screens is 95% complete; re-fabrication of some screen details is pending; total job completion is scheduled for September 25; if there are any questions regarding operational instructions please call my office.


Poole’s Bluff Recreational Trails Programwe have met with officials from Rayburn Correctional Center to coordinate work dates for the continuation of the walkway construction along the Pearl River.



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