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DPW UPDATE – November 20, 2017

WPSO Administration / Jail Facility – A new 10,000 SF roof is now completed; this is the section that houses 4 prison blocks & guard tower.

Sidewalk Rehabilitation Project – Final design plan changes  were approved by DOTD….final design drawings are scheduled for completion in January 2018.This downtown Franklinton sidewalk project is funded by a DOTD grant

Washington Parish Bridge – located on Dummyline Road between John Jones and Spencer Roads will be closed beginning next Monday November 28; new culverts will be installed by DPW workforce.  The culvert installations reduce maintenance concerns at the aging wooden structures.

24 New Culvert Structures -A contract to replace single span bridges / drainage structure continues throughout the parish…a schedule / update is presented with this report.


New Off - System Bridges – 3 new bridges are proposed for construction in 2018…2 on Pleasant Hill and 1 on Lawrence Creek.  Construction may begin during the first quarter of 2018. Contract budget of approximately $2.6 Million.


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Washington Parish Government
Bridge to Culvert Current & Project Budget Expenditures

Amount Billed through October 2017

 $                                                   365,079.95

Estimated Projected billing through December 2017* 

$                                                   218,240.43

Estimated Contract Value (work completed less 5% Retainage)
 $                                                   583,320.38

includes materials stored at WPG

                    Location #2 

represents 29% of contract value


24 New Culvert Structure Locations Washington Parish       
 Airport Rd., Bogalusa
 (Bill) Knight Rd., Franklinton
 Bogue Chitto Heights (Carter Rd.),  Franklinton,
 Bonner Creek Rd., Franklinton
 Ernest Crain Rd., Franklinton
 Hagedorn Rd., Bogalusa 
Jim Edwards Rd., Franklinton
 Jim Stuart Rd., Angie 70426
 Keaton Rd., Bogalusa
 Lawrence Creek Rd, Franklinton 
 Military Rd., Angie 70426
 Melton Magee Rd., Franklinton
 Mitch Rd., Bogalusa
 Monroe's Creek Rd., Angie 70426
 Mt. Pleasant Rd., Bogalusa
 Old Columbia Rd., Franklinton
 Old Lake Rd. South, Franklinton
 Otis Bickham Rd., Franklinton
 Perry Erwin Rd., Franklinton
 River Rd., Franklinton
 Seal Rd., Angie 70426
 Sunny Hill Rd., Franklinton
 TC Brumfield, Franklinton
 Wayne Young Rd., Franklinton 
Compiled June 9, 2017…Leo Lucchesi


Parish Courthouse – top floor lobby, foyer, main courtroom, Jury deliberation room was renovated over the past three weeks. New chairs are on order and will be in place ASAP… court sessions in the main courtroom will resume next week.

DOTD – WPG Road Transfer Program – 2.6 miles of La Hwy 438 is paved. Repairs to the DOTD Bridge on the Hwy 438 segment are pending a credit audit by DOTD designers.

Sidewalk Rehabilitation Project – Design plans were reviewed during a “plan – in – hand” field visit and walk through … all ADA compliance concerns were addressed… comments and designs that conform with the ADA format will be incorporated in the final plans. This downtown Franklinton sidewalk project is funded by a DOTD grant 

Rayburn Correctional Center – a bridge over a tributary to Scarborough’s Creek was re-built by the DPW crew. This project is made possible through an Intergovernmental Agreement between the Louisiana Department of Corrections and WPG.

24 New Culvert Structures -A contract to replace single span bridges / drainage structures was signed by President Thomas and Skip Magee, owner & President of Magee Excavation & Development.

The 24 new drainage structures are located throughout the Parish; they are designed to improve the conveyance of storm water drainage across parish roads and mitigate flooding.  The construction project is valued at $ 2.03 million made available through 100% funding from FEMA and Louisiana GOHSEP.  The construction is scheduled to begin in July of this year and scheduled for completion within

For construction locations please see attached list.

Two Shot Roadway Surface Treatment - Answer to a commonly asked question…

Can asphalt / 2 shot paving be constructed in the rain or after rain events?

Asphalt paving cannot be completed while it is raining.

Also, Paving must also be delayed if it has rained and the clay / gravel base is saturated. It may take 48 to 72 Hours for Clay / Gravel base material to sufficiently dry out before applying CRS2 emulsion

While WPG crews would like to be able to complete jobs during any weather conditions, CRS2 emulsion is a bituminous product mix that contains oils. These oils repel water, and laying CRS2 emulsion while it is actively raining or atop saturated clay/gravel will cause unintended results that affect the quality of the project.

The repelling of oil from water means that cracks or holes may form in a newly installed “Two Shot” road resurfacing. These cracks can quickly turn into potholes or product separation.

The damage and quality concerns related to placing CRS2 emulsion in wet conditions can be observed immediately. The oil that separates from the 2 shot roadway treatment as it repels water will rise to the top of the newly surfaced road and will cause loss of structural integrity to the finished product.

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