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Public Works Department

Leo Lucchesi - Director, Department of Public Works – Floodplain Administrator






Phone 985-335-1312 

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DPW UPDATE – 6/9/16



DOTD Road Transfer Program – The pavement project on Dummyline Road from John Jones Rd. to La. Hwy 1072 and North Choctaw Road from La. Hwy 10 North to La. Hwy 436 is completed; punch list items will be completed prior to acceptance by the Parish Government. 


   WPG Government Building Expansion – Construction is at the substantial completion stage; punch list items have been identified; the final walkthrough is scheduled for June 22.


   Choctaw Landfill new cell # 6 Construction – The clay and synthetic liner is complete; leachate piping is being installed; project is scheduled for completion the  end of June…ahead of schedule.                   


   Animal Shelter – the remodeling of 3,250 S.F. of the Parish owned building on Yacc Rd. is near completion; final cleanup is scheduled for the week ending           June 24.


   Road repairs – storm event of March 11 – Over ninety parish roads were repaired and qualify for FEMA reimbursement under the Public Assistant / Emergency   Protective Measures Program; the value of the reimbursement is approximately  $150,000; the permanent repairs (New Culverts, Asphalt Paving, Etc.) on 40   roads were surveyed last Wednesday by FEMA. Project worksheets will be forthcoming for additional funding for the final Roadway and Drainage rehabilitation.


   Debris Collection – storm event of March 11 – the Parish participated in the FEMA Debris removal pilot program; the Construction & Demolition Debris left in the Parish Right-of Way was collected by the DPW crews and delivered to the Choctaw Landfill;   The reimbursement to the Parish from FEMA is valued at approximately $145,000.00


 End of update


Washington Parish Government

2015 accomplishments and Plans for 2016 from Department of Public Works


Roadway Blacktopping and Drainage

35 miles of roadway were blacktopped throughout the parish; new culverts were installed to improve associated drainage on each road. Additional culverts were installed to improve drainage elsewhere. 2016 will bring forth a similar program for roadway and drainage improvements… stay tuned.


The Parish secured a credit of 1.43 million $ dollars to rehabilitate approximately 5.5 miles of parish roads through the La. DOTD road transfer program. The bids were received in 2015 and the roads will be constructed in 2016.


Building Programs & Maintenance

DPW building maintenance program worked closely with the WPSO to improve the infrastructure of the Sheriff’s office by installing a new Air Conditioning system for the building; we look forward to replacing a portion of the 40+ year old roof in 2016.


We will continue to work with the occupants of other parish owned buildings such as the LSU Ag center, the Parish Courthouse, Public Libraries, Health Units and other tenant occupied units to improve the structures and associated utility services.


In 2015 a 2,000 Square Foot addition to the Government Offices was funded through grants; the construction started in the Fall and is scheduled for completion by May of 2016; this area will accommodate the Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness under one roof at 909 Pearl Street.


The Poole’s Bluff Fishing Pier was constructed at the Pearl River this year and additional grant funding in 2016 will be requested for asphalt paving, restrooms and boating accommodations at the Gazebo and Landing.


Washington Parish Animal Shelter we will continue to recruit volunteers to assist in developing an animal control program; we are in the process of identifying volunteers to assist with the overall program; there are many residents that are knowledgeable and involved with the Magnolia Chapter of the Humane Society of LA. as well as private residents of Washington Parish; we look forward to their expertise to guide the program to fruition.

The new shelter will be constructed at Yacc Road in Sheridan on Hwy 10.


   Choctaw Landfill new cell # 6 Plans & Construction – in 2015 Eagle Environmental was contracted to prepare bids documents for the construction of Cell # 6; the new cell will be built over 7 acres at the facility.

   Bid documents are complete and bids for the new construction will be received in February 2016.   

  End of update


Proposed Animal Shelter

Washington Parish, Louisiana – November 9, 2015


This is a narrative of the proposed building / shelter to serve the small animal (cats and dogs) needs of Washington Parish, Louisiana, to be built on Washington Parish Government property in a rural section of Franklinton, known as Sheridan. The building is located on the grounds of a DPW facility on Yacc Road at the intersection of LA. State Hwy. 10, between Franklinton and Bogalusa. 

The building plus some planned expansion that will house the animals and administrative help is approximately 4,000 square feet.  

The scope of work will include but not limited to the following: 

Establish a ventilated general kennel area with 3’x6’ concrete runs*, sloped towards trench drains and piping leading to a waste water system approved by the SPCA and the State of Louisiana DH&H. The plan is to attain a capacity of 20 dogs that could be doubled up in case of temporary excessive animal inflow. Cats will be housed in individual cages placed atop the same approved waste water system. 

Construction: 4” minimum concrete, outdoor slab-on-grade w/portioned sloped waste drains throughout. 

Climate-controlled intake and exam room with services required for temporary housing of stray and/or abandoned small animals. 

Work room with food storage and preparation areas, general storage, bathing and grooming area, and janitor’s station. 

Construct a fenced-in yard adjacent to the existing DPW building; fencing and gating will be used to separate the animals as needed and /or recommended by the veterinarian overseeing the animal control program. 

Construct additional piping to add to the fresh water resources as needed for the animals consumption and for      cleaning the facility; an existing, functioning water well is at the DPW site. 

Currently, construction materials (concrete block & reinforcement steel) purchased for this facility are being stored at the proposed site on Yacc Road. 

The Washington Parish Planning Commission meets every Month, next meeting scheduled for Tuesday November 18 @ 6 PM at the Parish Courthouse – first floor meeting room. The Washington Parish Animal Control plan will be on the agenda. The Commission is tasked with writing the plan.

Our mission is much broader than building a block and mortar building. An animal control and care program needs to be written and established; funding will be necessary to establish a sustainable sheltering facility.

The Laws* of the State of Louisiana mandate that each Parish is responsible to establish and use all resources available to make the long term changes for animal care that local organizations simply cannot.


*LA R.S. 3:2773 requires that "the sheriff, constable, or other police officers of any parish, ward, or municipality shall seize any dog found unaccompanied by its owner or keeper and running at large on any road, street, or other public place, or trespassing on any premises other than the premises of the owner." 

*LA R.S. 3:2774 requires that "each parish shall provide suitable shelters or facilities for dogs seized under the provisions of this Part". 

Currently, the Washington Parish Government is working with limited dedicated resources to move this program forward. 

Materials that were purchased, concrete blocks, reinforcing steel bars and some used appliances are at the proposed animal shelter site, Yacc Rd. Sheridan. 

Site preparation work at the site is ongoing; utility (Sewer, Water, Electric, Etc.) services to the building will be surveyed and updated to serve the needs of the shelter.

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