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Mining Permits



Strip mining - top soil, or any subsoil, including clay or just sand from previously mined land, etc.   Permit Fees $500.00/per site per year/company. With the exception of a new mine, permits are valid for one year and must be renewed by June 30th.


Mining (Wet or Dry) for any mineral but specifically sand or aggregates.  Permit Fees $1,000.00/per site per year/company.


911 address and Land plots required to obtain permit.


Upon giving 60 days of reasonable notice, the following shall apply; Penalties for not obtaining a permit or for non-compliance with this ordinance is : $250.00/ per day for 1st week of non-compliance, 2nd week  - $750.00/ per day of non-compliance, 3rd week- $1,250.00/ per day of non-compliance, and 4th week 41,500.00/ per day of non-compliance.

After 4th week of non-compliance, a STOP WORK will be issued until fees or paid in full.