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Logging Permits

Logging Regulations 

No logging operations are to begin until the logging permit is issued. Bring a copy of EACH plat where logging will take place and a copy of the contract, if applicable, to the Washington Parish Government Office at 909 Pearl Street - Franklinton, LA.

Each Logging truck and each site shall keep a copy of the permit. 

Permits expire after one year – if job is not completed, a new permit must be requested

Logger is responsible for clearing ditches, roads and shall also be responsible for any damage done to ditches, roads or bridges.



Logging Permits: 

Washington Parish Government Ordinance # 53 requires anyone performing logging operations in Washington Parish, Louisiana to obtain a permit.

A permit is issued for each tract to be logged. Information needed to issue a logging permit is:

1)      Contractors name, address and telephone number.

2)      Land Owners name, address and telephone number.

3)      Legal Description of the property being logged.

4)      Approximate number of loads of Pine Sawtimber, Hardwood Sawtimber, Pine,  Pulpwood and Other (poles, piling, chip & saw, etc.) and where they are being shipped.

5)      Starting Date

6)      Route to be Used (Contingent upon approval by Parish Personnel)



Logging Fees:

Acerage           Cost

0-40                  $ 50.00

41-100              $100.00

Over100            $100.00 plus $ 1.00 per acre over 100

$1.00 per acre with a $100 minumum.   

Logging Fines: 

Penalty for not obtaining a permit or for non-compliance with this ordinance is:

$250.00 per day up to 7 days.

A Stop Work Order will be issued after 1 week of non-compliance.