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Building Permits

Single Family - Commercial - Mobile Homes


Permitting Procedure

for Mobile Homes







1)      OBTAIN 911 ADDRESS             

If your address is outside of the Franklinton or Bogalusa City Limits, call the 911 Office at 985.839.5625 Ext. 1 to make your request.An office visit by you is NOT needed. Since our staff is often out in the field we ask that you leave your name and your telephone number. An addressing specialist will call you back and schedule a visit to the location of the structure that requires an address.


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  • 911 Address & Sanitation Letter
  • Proof of ownership of Mobile Home to include Hud #, Serial #, Size, Year Manufactured, and Wind Zone. MUST BE A WIND ZONE 2 OR 3 AND NO OLDER THAN 25 years.
  • Proof of ownership of property on which the home is to be placed or an Affidavit from owner allowing mobile home to be placed on their property.
  • Elevation certificate if you are in a flood zone
  • Purchse Permit
  • Your water, sewer, and electrical connection will be inspected, as well as your tie downs.
  • Site Prep.......see below 

From the State of Louisiana Office or the State Fire Marshal

Mobile Home Site Preparation


          As to site preparation, the under-home grade, or ground, shall be cleaned of all vegetation and organic material, such as stumps, roots, etc., except grass not exceeding three inches in height. The area beneath and around the home shall be sloped or properly drained so that water will not accumulate under the home. All grass and organic material shall be removed and the pier foundation placed n stable soil or compacted fill. When the soil compaction or soil-bearing capacity is not known, the local building or authority in the locale may be consulted or a rendering by the use of a pocket penetrometer may be obtained. The bottom of the footer or footers shall be placed on the sable soil. The pier foundation shall be a minimum of three and one-half inches by sixteen inches by sixteen inches solid concrete pad or equivalent, precast or poured in place, or approved martial by the regulatory agency. The regulatory agency, or its duly authorized representatives, shall cause products to be analyzed or tested to require that the pier foundation products have a deflection of not more than three-eighths inch under design load. Such testing may be conducted by an independent third party qualified and approved by the agency. Previous testing data submitted in other jurisdictions may be considered by the agency. Where the manufacturer’s specifications have additional requirements other than the above, the more stringent shall apply. The landowner shall be responsible for proper site preparation in accordance with this Paragraph.