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Ordinance 23-727 Levy of taxes same as prior year 

Ordinance 23-726 Added new roads to WPG No Thru Truck Route List

Ordinance 23-725 Amend the 2023 WPG Annual Operating Budget American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (ARPA)


Ordinance 22-724 establishing a four-way traffic stop at interseciton of Frankie Miller & Bill Simmons Rd, Mt. Hermon

Ordinance 22-723 Approing a contract for disaster debris monitoring and maagement services

Ordinance 22-722 Adopt the WPG 2023 Annual Operating Budget

Ordinance 22-721 WPC requiring WP Clerk of Court and WP Sheriff to impose filing fees

Ordinance 22-720 approving the contract for disaster debris removal and disposal services

Ordinance 22--719 to amed the 2022 Annual operating budget for WPG

Ordinance 22-718 An ordinance authorizing purchase of property in  Angie for Library

Ordinance 22-717 An ordinance authorizig WP President to execute school bus turnaround on Delta Lane Road

Ordinance 22-716 An ordinance to allocate funds FY 2023-2024 LCDBG Project

Ordinance 22-715 An ordinance authorizing Government property being 20.332 acres to go out for bid (sale)

Ordinance 22-714 An ordinance accepting Dani K Lane as a parish road.

Ordinance 22-713 An ordinance creating Sales Tax District No. 3

Ordinance 22-712 An ordinance to levy sales taxes for 2022 - Millage at the same rate as prior year

Ordinance 22-711 An ordinance accepting Newberry Drive as a parish road

Ordinance 22-710 An ordinance to provide the reapportionment of council elecitons districts after 2020 Federal Census

Ordinance 22-709 An ordinance accepting C. Jenkins Road as a parish road

Ordinance 22-708 An ordinance to amend 2022 annual operating budget road capital outlay project funds

Ordinance 22-707 An Ordinance of the Washington Parish Utility Scale Solar Project Facility

Ordinance 22-706 An Ordinance to amend and correct the permit fee for Telecommunications towers

Ordinance 22-705 An Ordinance ameding and restating the WPG Employee Hnadbook concerning ARPA

Ordinance 22-704 An ordinance addig Palestine Church Raod to the No Thru Truck routes


Ordinance 21-703 An ordinance adopting the 2022 Annual Operating Budget

Ordinance 21-702 An ordinance adding Nobles Cemetery Rd to the "NO THRU TRUCK ROUTES" for WP

Ordinance 21-701 An ordinance to amend 2021 Annual Operating Budget for WPG

Ordinance 21-700 An ordinance to add Telecommunication Towers to WPDO under Article 5 , section 5-3

Ordinance 21-699 An ordinance to adopt Article 8 Modular Housing of the WPDO

Ordinance 21-698 An ordinance revising Article 6 to add  seciton 8 of close out of mines and mining of the WPDO

Ordinance 21-697 An ordinance revising WPDO Article 4 minor subdivisions

Ordinance 21-696 An ordinance to adopt revisions to the WPDO revising Article 3 Manufactured Housing Standards

Ordinance 21-695 An ordinace aouthorizing the conveyance of immovable propery woned by WPG apprx. 0.266 acres

Ordinance 21-694 An ordinance to abandon 425 feet of Wilkes Road

Ordinance 21-693 An ordinance adopting the revisions to Article 5 fo Ordinance 09-507 flood damage prevention 

Ordinance 21-692 An ordinance adopting revisions to Article 3, Manufactured home age of the WPDO 

Ordinance 21-691 An ordinance accepting Tammy Lane as Parish Road

Ordinance 21-690 An ordinance accepting Delta Lane as Parish Road

Ordinance 21-689 Ordinance accepting 4.503 miles of state roads 

Ordinance 21-688 Ordinance granitng a contract with AmWaste for solid waste collection & transportation

Ordinance 21-687 Ordinance to abandon 0.15 miles of Robert Stuart Parish Rd #5-153

Ordinance 21-686 Ordinance accepting Denis Road and a parish road

Ordinance 21-685 Ordinance to accept Poole Dr., David Dr, and Kelli Lane as parish roads

Ordinance 21-684 Ordinance to accept Deja Vu Lane as a parish road

Ordinance 21-683 Ordinance to levy taxes for 2021 millage rate same as last year

Ordinance 21-682 Ordinance to accept an acquisition for property at 25258 Hwy 436 (Hazard Mitigation)

Ordinance 21-681 Ordinance to accept an acquisiton for property located at 42644 Magee St. Franklinton (Hazard Mitigation)

Ordinance 21-680 Ordinance to apply and administer LCDBG-CB Coronovirus Grant for HVAC System

Ordinance 21-679 Ordinance for CBG for Bogue Lusa Water Works District

Ordinance 21-678 Ordinance to sell 11 acres

Ordinance 21-677 Ordinance accepting Denis Road as a parish road

Ordinance 21-676 Ordinance adding two road to NO THRU TRUCK ROUTE list

Odinance 21-675 Ordinance directing the renewal of the levey & collections of an ad valorem tax of 10 mills


Ordinance 20-674 Ordinance to purchase of a parcel of land formerly known as "Magee Feed" property

Ordinance 20-673 Ordinance entering into a contract with Landworks Inc for the operation of Choctaw Landfill

Ordinance 20-672 Ordinance to adopt the 2021 annual operating budget for WPG

Ordinance 20-671 Ordinance to amend 2020 annual operating budget for WPG

Ordinance 20-670 Ordinance accepting Fernwood Drive, Arbor Lane and Sundance Lane to Inventory

Ordinance 20-669 Ordinance to accept a donation of property at True Light Church Rd

Ordinance 20-668 Ordinance to set forth the millage rate determined at reassessment and levied for current tax yr

Ordinance 20-667 Ordinance to adopt the millage rates for Courthouse at the same rate

Ordinance 20-666 Ordinance to adopt the adjusted millage rates for 2020

Ordinance 20-665 Ordinance accepting the donation of property and dedication as a public road

Ordinance 20-664 Ordinance to abandon 1,366.20 feet of the western part of Branch Drive

Ordinance 20-663 Ordinance authorizing the tremination of the Choctaw Landfill Joint Venture with City of Bogalusa

Ordinance 20-662 Ordinance amending and restating the WPG Employee's Handbook

Ordinance 19-661 Ordinance introduced 2019 passed 2020 to amend compiled ordinances for the WP Employee Handbook


Ordinance 19-660 Ordinance adjusting the salary for the WP Council Clerk

Ordinance 19-659 Ordinance to amend compiled ordinances fo the WP Alcohol Policy

Ordinance 19-658 Ordinance providing per diem compensation for Planning Commissioners 

Ordinance 19-657 PULLED

Ordinance 19-656 Ordinance for Varnado water works installation of a water main for Mitch Road w/ grant

Ordinance 19-655 Ordinance to adopt the 2020 annual operating budget

Ordinance 19-654 Ordinance transferring owenership of a 0.028 acre parcel and tower to 911 communications

Ordinance 19-653 Ordinance to emnd the 2019 annual operating budget for the WPG

Ordinance 19-652 Ordinance accepting the lowest bid for new cell at Choctaw Road Landfill

Ordinance 19-651 Ordinance supplementing the No Thru Truck Routes as per Ordinance 13-577

Ordinance 19-650 Special election October 12, 2019 Home Rule Charter

Ordinance 19-649 amending Ordinance 12-562 adjusting commerical customer fees at Choctaw Road Landfill

Ordinance 19-648 calling a special election October 12, 2019 Home Rule Charter

Ordinance 19-647 amending Ordinance No. 18-635 to establish length of road as a measurement in footage

Ordinance 19-646 supplementing the NO THRU TRUCK ROUTES ordinance as per Ordinance No. 13-577

Ordinance 19-645 levy taxes for 2019 millage at same rate as prior year property taxation in WP

Ordinance 18-644 amending and reinstating Ordinance 05-353 telecommunication towers

Ordinance 18-643 repeal Ordinance 18-638 establishing security zones

Ordinance 18-633 revising the Planning & Building Permit Fee Schedule


Ordinance 18-642 adjusting the salary of WPC Clerk

Ordinance 18-641 repeal Ordinance 10-530 adjusting the compensation of the WPC Clerk

Ordinance 18-640 adopt 2019 annual operating budget for WPG

Ordinance 18-639 amend 2018 annual operating budget for WPG

Ordinance 18-638 establishing security zones around towers

Ordinance 18-637 Changing polling place in ward 9 precinct 2

Ordinance 18-636 changing polling place in ward 2 precinct 1

Ordinance 18-635 to accept Pine Cone Lane as WP Road

Ordinance 18-634 Ordinance to levy taxes for 2018 - millage at the same rate as prior year- on property subject to taxation in Washington Parish.

Ordinance 18-633 has been removed until futher notice

Ordinance 18-632 Adopting distance requirements for living quarters/dwellings from adjacent property lines to be adopted as a revision/addition

Ordinance 18-631 Adopting Legacy Lane as a parish road

Oordinance 18-630 Changing the title of the Comprehensive Development Plan and/or the Comprehensive Development Ordinance 1-22-18


Ordinance 17-628 Amend the 2017 Annual Operating Budget for the Washington Parish Government

Ordinance 17-627 Enter into a Cooperative Endeavor Agreement with LA DOTD regarding Federal Off-System Bridge Rehabilitation and Replacement Program

Ordinance 17-626 Entering into a contract with Waste Connection, inc for Solid Waste Collection & Transportation

Ordinance 17-625 Amend 2017 Annual Operating Budget for WPG 6-26-17

Ordinance 17-624 Ordinance to levy taxes for 2017 for renewal millages on property subject to taxation in Washington Parish 6-12-17

Ordinance 17-623 Ordinance to levy taxes for 2017 - millage at the same rate as prior year on property subject to taxation in Washington Parish

Ordinance 17-620 Establishing No Thru Truck routes on certain parish roads 4-10-17

Ordinance 17-619 Amending the Washington Parish Government Employee's Handbook, Revised 2009 4-10-17

Ordinance 17-618 Entering into a contract with Landworks, INC for the operation of the Choctaw Road landfill 4-10-17


Ordinance 16-616 Adopt 2017 Annual Operating Budget and Capital Outlay Budget for WPG

Ordinance 16-614 No Thru Truck Routes on certain parish roads

Ordinance 16-613 Adopting a revision to the Comprehensive Development on Article 3.  8-8-16

Ordinance 16-612 Levy taxes Courthouse & Public Building maintenance. 8-8-16

Ordinance 16-611 Levy taxes for 2016. 8-8/16

Ordinance 16-610 Providing for millage rate adjustments for 2016. 8-8-16

Ordinance 16-609 Adjusting the compensation of the Washington Parish Council Clerk 8-8-16

Ordinance 16-608 Accepting Deer Run Drive as a parish road 05-23-16

Ordinance 16-607 Choctaw Road Landfill Bid Cell No 6 02-19-16

Ordinance 16-606 Transferring ownership Comm Tower-EOC-911 Multiagency

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Ordinance 15-604 Adopt 2016 Annual Operating Budget 12-14-15

Ordinance 15-603 Adopt 2015 Annual Operating Budget 11-9-15

Ordinance 15-602 Abandon 0.25 miles of Burt Road Parish Road No. 04-177 10/26/15

Ordinance 15-601 Block Grant Street Improvement project 8/26/2015

Ordinance 15-600 Bogue Lusa Water Works LCDBG 08/26/2015

Ordinance 15-599 Levying the Tax - Washington Parish 2015 Election 07/13/2015

Ordinance 15-598 Levy on Tax Millage

Ordinance 14-590 Granting Cleco Power LLC franchise rights and privileges 01/12/15

Ordinance 15-595 Authorizing the purchase of immovable property with improvements 2/09/2015

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Ordinance 14-594 2015 Budget 11/24/2014

Ordinance 14-593 Amend 2014 Annual Operating Budget 11/10/2014

Ordinance 14-592 No Thru Truck Routes on Certain Parish Roads

Ordinance 14-588 Change of Polling Place Ward 8 Precinct 1

Ordinance 14-587 (Bogalusa Medical Center Lease) 05/12/2014

Ordinance 14-586 (Hwy 21 Prohibit Unmuffled Comp Brake 05/12/2014

Ordinance 14-585 (Hwy 16 Prohib Unmuffled Comp Brake 05/12/2014

Ordinance 14-583 Unmuffled Comp Brake 04/28/2014

Ordinance 14-582 (Levy Tax Millage) 05/27/2014

Ordinance 14-581 No Thru Truck Routes 03/10/2014

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Ordinance 13-580 Budget 2014 12/09/2013

Ordinance 13-579 Levying the tax - WP Oct 2013 Sales Tax Election 12/09/2013

Ordinance 13-578 Amend budget 11/4/2013

Ordinance 13-577 No Truck Route 10/08/2013

Ordinance 13-576 Authorizing Signatures Local Pay 09/09/2013

Ordinance 13-575 Levy Tax Millage adopted 07/08/2013

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Ordinance 12-574 Adopting the 2012 Operating Budget adopted 12/17/12

Ordinance 12-573 Amending the 2012 Operating Budget adopted 11/26/12

Ordinance 12-572 Ordinance recovering damages to Parish property adopted 9/10/12

Ordinance 12-571 Ordinance adopting compost facility requirements. adopted 9/10/12

Ordinance 12-570 Ordinance revising the Planning & Building Permit fee schedule adopted 9/10/12

Ordinance 12-568 Ordinance to levy taxes adopted 8/27/12

Ordinance 12-567 Ordinance to adjust millage rates 8/27/12

Ordinance 12-566 Ordinance to revise Washington Parish Recreation District lines adopted 7/23/12

Ordinance 12-565 Ordinance Authorizing Parish President to sign all forms for WP Facility Expansion adopted 6/25/12

Ordinance 12-564 Ordinance to abandon 0.68 miles of J.W. Riles Road adopted 7/9/12

Ordinance 12-563 Ordinance for Cooperative Agreement concerning the LA Communities Broadband Grant 5/16/12

Ordinance 12-562 Ordinance adjusting commercial customer fees of the Choctaw Road Landfill adopted 2/27/12

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Ordinance 11-561 Ordinance enter into a contract w/ cross company mitigation adopted 12/12/11

Ordinance 11-560 Ordinance adopting the 2012 annual operating budget adopted 12/12/11

Ordinance 11-559 Ordinance to amend the 2011 annual operating budget adopted 11/28/11

Ordinance 11-557 Ordinance of salvage yards, junk yards, scrap metal yard or recycling centers adopted  11/23/11

Ordinance 11-556 Ordinance authorizing WP President to sign all contracts etc. for LCDBG street improvements in Bogalusa adopted 10/10/11

Ordinance 11-555 Ordinance authorizing WP President to sign all contracts etc. for LCDBG water well improvements in Varnado adopted 10/10/11

Ordinance 11-554 Ordinance to abandon .18 miles of Hollis Miley road adopted 11/7/11

Ordinance 11-553 Ordinance to accept roads in River Wood Subdivision adopted 6/20/11

Ordinance 11-552 Ordinance prohibiting all open burning throughout the Boundaries of the Parish adopted 5/23/11

Ordinance 11-551 Ordinance entering into a lease with Broadband adopted 6/6/11

Ordinance 11-549 Ordinance entering into a contract with land works for operations for Choctaw adopted 6/6/11

Ordinance 11-548 Ordinance accepting Eden Drive of Rivers Bend, a resident and recreational subdivision adopted 5/23/11

Ordinance 11-547 Ordinance accepting McKay Lane of Rivers Bend resident adopted 5/23/11

Ordinance 11-546 Levying taxes for 2011 on property subject to taxation adopted 5/23/11

Ordinance 11-545 redistricting of council elections after 2010 Federal Census adopted 4/25/11

Ordinance 11-544 Restricting the Parish responsibility for maintenance of new subdivisions adopted 4/11/11

Ordinance 11-543 Accepting the roads of The Meadows and The Meadows Phase II adopted 4/11/11

Ordinance 11-542 Changing the polling place ward 8 precinct 3  adopted 3/14/11

Ordinance 11-541 Changing the polling place in ward 2 precinct 2 adopted 3/14/11

Ordinance 11-540 Regulating ambulance services and aspects attendant to ambulance operation adopted 2/28/11

Ordinance 11-539 Enter into a contract with Larry Kinlaw adopted 1/24/11

Ordinance 11-538 To abandon .20 miles of Nellie Thomas Road adopted 1/24/11

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Ordinance 10-537 Change the salary of Council members in accordance with section 05-(B) of the Home Rule Charter.  adopted 12/28/10

Ordinance 10-536 Levy of taxes for 2010 adopted 12/13/10

Ordinance 10-535 Adopt budget adjustment adopted 12/13/10

Ordinance 10-534 Adopt the annual operating and capital outlay budget 12/13/10

Ordinance 10-531 Endeavor Agreement regarding the Pearl River Canal adopted 11/8/10

Ordinance 10-530 Adjusting the compensation of the Council Clerk to Council adopted 9/13/10

Ordinance 10-528 Accepting Twin Oaks Road as a Parish Road adopted 8/9/10

Ordinance 10-527 Accepting Sleepy Hollow Road as a Parish Road adopted 8/9/10

Ordinance 10-526 Accepting Hansen Road as a Parish Road adopted 8/9/10

Ordinance 10-525 Extend & Revise Recreation District Lines adopted 7/12/10

Ordinance 10-524 Enter into a contract with Larry Kinlaw adopted 7/12/10

Ordinance 10-523 Abandon .2 miles of Jimmy Magee Road adopted 7/2/10

Ordinance 10-522 Revisions in Comprehensive Development Subdivisions & Land, Industrial, Commercial, Business Permits and Mines and Operations adopted 6/29/10

Ordinance 10-521 Enter into a contract with Larry Kinlaw adopted 4/28/10

Ordinance 10-520 Levy taxes adopted 6/14/10

Ordinance 10-519 Authorizing Parish President to sign all forms to administer LAGAP adopted 4/28/10

Ordinance 10-518 Purchase of entire Asphalt Distributor through Acadian Parish adopted 3/31/10

Ordinance 10-517 Purchase of entire chip spreader through Acadian Parish adopted 3/31/10

Ordinance 10-516 Establishing the procedure of roads that meet public need/purpose to be returned to WP adopted 3/31/10

Ordinance 10-515 Amend the 2010 budget adopted 2/22/10

Ordinance 10-514 Adopt the budget adjustment adopted 2/22/10

Ordinance 10-513 Mines and mining operation adopted 2/8/10

Ordinance 10-512 Revision to Comprehensive Development Article 1, 2 and 3 adopted 1/11/10

Ordinance 10-511 Revising of improvement requirements for subdivisions and land adopted 1/11/10

Ordinance 10-510 Adopting a revision to the 2009 planning and building permit fee schedule adopted 1/11/10

Ordinance 10-509 Enter into a contract with Keep Washington Parish Beautiful adopted 1/11/10

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Ordinance 09-507 Adopt the flood damage prevention FEMA Guidelines adopted 11/23/09

Ordinance 9-506 Adopt 2010 Annual operating budget adopted 11/23/09

Ordinance 9-505 Contracts signed for Isabel Swamp Road Project adopted 10/26/09

Ordinance 9-504 Sign contracts for the Rural Franklinton Water Corp through Community Development adopted 10/26/09

Ordinance 9-503 Sign all contracts the gratn for the Bogue Lusa Water Works through Community development adopted 10/26/09

Ordinance 9-502 Cooperative Endeavor with Community Development Block Grant Disaster Recovery Program adopted 9/26/09

Ordinance 9-501 Adopt budget adjustment of 2009 annual operating budget adopted 9/28/09

Ordinance 9-500 Authorizing WP Communications to identify all streets ect of duplications adopted 9/14/09

Ordinance 9-499 Cooperative Endeavor Agreement to repair storm damage roads 9/14/09

Ordinance 9-498 Intergovernmental Agreement and lease for WP Animal Shelter 8/24/09

Ordinance 9-497 Granting of a right-a-way for a pipeline to Mardi Gras Midstream adopted 7/31/09

Ordinance 9-496 Purchase of a .803 acre parcel, a .054 parcel and a .025 parcel of land to the replacement of the existing timber bridge know as the bridge over Pushpetappa Creek on Dollar Rd adopted 7/31/09

Ordinance 9-495 Contracts for the application administration closeout of all 2010-2011 Community Development Block Grant applications adopted 7/31/09

Ordinance 9-494 Franchise fee on holders for cable or video services adopted 7/31/09

Ordinance 9-493 Enter into a contract with Larry Kinlaw adopted 6/22/09

Ordinance 9-492 Ordinance to make permanent emergency ordinance adopted 6/8/09

Ordinance 9-491 Contract with Cross & Co Mitigation Bank Harrell's Ferry Rd Baton Rouge adopted 5/1/09

Ordinance 9-490 Intergovernmental agreement between The East Feliciana Parish and WP Government adopted 5/11/09

Ordinance 9-489 Amended the WP Employee handbook adopted 5/11/09

Ordinance 9-488 Create Recreational Districts adopted 5/11/09

Ordiannce 9-487 Levy taxes for 2009 tax roll on all property adopted 5/11/09

Ordinance 9-486 Condemnation of buildings and structures adopted 4/27/09

Ordinance 9-485 Abandon Raymond Myers Road adopted 4/27/09

Ordinance 9-484 Adopting the Administration of the Building and Planning Department adopted 4/27/09

Ordinance 9-483 Adopt the WP Government Employee Handbook adopted on 4/13/09

Ordinance 9-482 Improvements requirements for subdivisions and land development adopted 4/13/09

Ordinance 9-481 Industrial, Commercial or Business Permits adopted 3/9/09

Ordinance 9-480 Contract with Keep Louisiana Beautiful regarding funds by WP through grants adopted 2/23/09

Ordinance 9-479 Contracts Worth LDOTD for funds provided to WP through Transportation Enhancement Program adopted 2/9/09

Ordinance 9-478 Parish President the authority to sign all contracts for WPC to receive a grant from Gov. Office for Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness. adopted 1/26/09

Ordinance 9-477 Cooperative Endeavor Agreement with Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness to apply and administer State Line Item application.  adopted 1/26/09

Ordinance 9-476 Washington Parish Council agrees with Ordinance 09-477.  adopted 01/26/09

Ordinance 9-475 WPC enter into a Cooperative Endeavor Agreement with Homeland Security to give the Parish President authority to sign all contracts to apply for and administer this state line item appropriation.  adopted 1/26/09

Ordinance 9-474 Adjusting the compensation for the WP Clerk of the Council. adopted 1/26/09

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Ordinance 8-473 Adopt budget adjustments No. 3 to the 2008 annual operating budget.  Adopted 12/22/08

Ordinance 8-472 Contract with the State of Louisiana DHH regarding funds provide to WPG. Adopted 12/22/08

Ordinance 8-471 Approved funding for WPG under Act 19 of the 2008 Reg Session of the State of La. Adopted 12/8/08

Ordinance 8-470 Adopt 2009 annual operating budget.  Adopted 11/24/08

Ordinance 8-469 Adopt budget adjustments No. 1 to the 2008 annual operating budget.  Adopted 11/24/08

Ordinance 8-467 Contract with FEMA/Federal Grants. Adopted 8/30/08

Ordinance 8-466 Adopting Keep Washington Parish Beautiful "Adopt A Road" "Adopt A Spot".  Adopted 9/8/08

Ordinance 8-465 Adopting the preface & article 1,2 & 3 of the Comprehensive Development Plan. Adopted 9/8/08

Ordinance 8-464 Millage rate adjustments for 2008.  Adopted 8/25/08

Ordinance 8-463 Levy taxes for 2008.  Adopted 8/25/16

Ordinance 8-461 Intergovernmental Agreement with the City of Bogalusa for certified building inspectors. Adopted 7/28/08

Ordinance 8-460 Adopting the 2008 Planning and Building permit fee schedule.  Adopted 7/17/08

Ordinance 8-459 Intergovernmental Agreement City of Bogalusa operation of Choctaw Road Landfill.  Adopted 7/17/08

Ordinance 8-458 Cooperative Agreement Community Block Grant Disaster Recovery.  Adopted 6/9/08

Ordinance 8-457 Contract w/ the Division of Administration regarding funds provided to WP through  0708 LGAP. Adopted 5/12/08

Ordinance 8-456 Contract w/ division of administration  regarding funds provided to WP through 0607 LGAP.  Adopted 5/12/08

Ordinance 8-455 Contract w/ Keep Washington Parish Beautiful.  Adopted 4/28/08

Ordinance 8-454 Contract w/ DHH regarding funds provided to WP Government.  Adopted 4/14/08

Ordinance 8-453 Contract w/ Praeses LLC to provide Jurisdiction on line service agreement.  Adopted 2/25/08

Ordinance 8-452 Renew agreement with LSU on property located on Hwy 10 at Sheridan.  Adopted 2/11/08

Ordinance 08-451 Lease Agreement with St. Paul AME Church for use of polling facility. Adopted 2/11/08

Ordinance 08-450 Authorizing the WP Communication District to change the Road currently unidentified as Liz Lane to Scenic River Land.  Adopted 1/14/08

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Ordinance 7-448 Adopt budget adjustment number 1 of 2007 annual operating budget.  Adopted 12/10/07

Ordinance 7-447 Providing for Health Insurance coverage for WPG retirees.  Adopted 12/10/07

Ordinance 7-446 Lease agreement w/ Bruce Bickham to rent property for storage area.  Adopted 11/26/07

Ordinance 7-445 La Act 425 which allows political subdivisions to extend sales taxes exclusion to purchase of equipment used in agricultural forestry.  Adopted 11/26/07

Ordinance 7-444 Abandon Reed-Pigott Rd (05-110) .10 miles.  Adopted 11/26/07

Ordinance 7-443 Contract w/ non profit foundation Bogalusa Med. Center Foundation.  Adopted 11/13/07

Ordinance 7-442 Contract w/ lowest bidder Wahington Parish Health Unit.  Adopted 11/13/07

Ordinance 7-441 Animal operation budget for 2008.  Adopted 11/13/07

Ordinance 7-440 Cooperative Endeavor with State of LA regarding funds provided to WP for continuing work at the Pearl River Canal Recreation Area.  Adopted 10/22/07

Ordinance 7-439 Cooperative Endeavor funds provided to WP for Planning & Construction of the joint emerg. operation and 911 communication center.  Adopted 10/8/07

Ordinance 7-438 Cooperative Endeavor with the State of LA regrading funds provided to WP.  Adopted 10/8/07

Ordinance 7-437 Cooperative Endeavor funding and construction of a Veterans Memorial in WP.  Adopted 9/10/07

Ordinance 7-436 Cooperative Endeavor w/ DOTD the federal off system bridge rehabitation and replacement programs.  Adopted 9/10/07

Ordinance 7-435 Levy taxes for the 2007 tax roll on all property.  Adopted 9/10/07

Ordinance 7-434 Abandon 764 ft at the end of Chinquapin Road 356.  Adopted 9/10/07

Ordinance 7-433 Cooperative Endeavor w/ Varnado Community Center authorizing the use of public land.  Adopted 8/27/07

Ordinance 7-432 Insure the safety of citizens of WP the following requirements and restrictions are  hereby promulgated into law for transitional facility.  Adopted 8/27/07

Ordinance 7-431 Contract w/ Richard Lambert to develop bid documents on animal shelter.  Adopted 7/9/07

Ordinance 7-430 Amended ordinance for the purchase of real property by the WPG from the Town of Franklinton for the purpose of constructing a new Franklinton Health Unit (Correction of Land Description).  Adopted 6/11/07

Ordinance 7-428 Establishing permit fees for the construction of homes, mobile homes, manufactured homes, remodeling of homes, Small structure and commercial structures.  Adopted 5/7/07

Ordinance 7-427 Contract for management and monitoring of disaster related debris removal services.  Adopted 4/23/07

Ordinance 7-426 Reinstate Ordinance 06-385 regulating permits, development, construction and habilitation or manufactured housing parks in WP.  Adopted 4/23/07

Ordinance 7-425 Prohibiting the use of electronic video bingo.  Adopted 4/23/70

Ordinance 7-424 Regulations resale theft of property to commercial business.  Adopted 3/26/07

Ordinance 7-423 Intergovernmental Agreement to fulfill requirements mandated by LSA.  Adopted 3/26/07

Ordinance 7-422 Authorizing law enforcement agencies to join and participate in crimination lab operated by St. Tammany Parish Sheriff.  Adopted 2/26/07

Ordinance 7-420 Amending Section 18-18 for the WP Code.  Adopted 2/12/07

Ordinance 7-419 Contract with IBTS for training for LUBC.  Adopted 1/22/07

Ordinance 7-418 Sign letter of understanding w/ Rutter Rex Enterprises to agree to pursue FEMA reimbursement for use of building.  Adopted 1/8/07

Ordinance 7-417 Intergovernmental Agreement w/ City of Bogalusa for building inspection services.  Adopted 1/8/07

Ordinance 7-416 Project agreement w/ NRCS for removal of debris from Parish streams.  Adopted 1/8/07

Ordinance 7-415 Contract with Fauntleroy & Latham for architectural services on Parish jail.  Adopted 1/8/07

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Ordinance 6-414 Amend Landworks to allow for increase in contract amount. Adopted 12/11/06

Ordinance 6-413 Adopt budget adjustments #3 to the 2006 budget.  Adopted 12/11/06

Ordinance 6-412 Adopt Uniform Building Codes.  Adopted 12/11/06

Ordinance 6-411 Contract w/ Henry F. Martin for electrical services on generator.  Adopted 11/27/06

Ordinance 6-410 Purchase of property from Town of Franklinton for Health Unit.  Adopted 11/27/06

Ordinance 6-409 Contract w/ Fauntleroy for Health Unit.  Adopted 11/27/06

Ordinance 6-408 Adopt annual operating budget for 2007.  Adopted 11/27/06

Ordinance 6-407 Moratorium on mobile home parks.  Adopted 11/14/06

Ordinance 6-406 Intergovernmental Cooperative Endeavor Agreement w/ WP Communications District (911) and WP Homeland Security.  Adopted 10/16/06

Ordinance 6-403 Revoking of real estate and declaring that the real estate no longer is required and transfer title to the City of Bogalusa (Library).  Adopted 9/25/06

Ordinance 6-401 Reinstate moratorium on development of RV Parks and mobile home parks.  Adopted 8/14/06

Ordinance 6-400 Agreement w/ State regarding Hazard Mitigation Program.  Adopted 8/14/06

Ordinance 6-399 Cooperative Endeavor Agreement w/ LHFA regarding funding from REHAB Louisiana Program.  Adopted 8/14/06

Ordinance 6-397 Exchange property inTown of Franklinton.  Adopted 7/24/06

Ordinance 6-396 Budget adjustment No. 3 for 2006 budget.  Adopted 7/10/06

Ordinance 6-695 Budget adjustment No. 2 for 2006 budget.  Adopted 7/10/06

Ordinance 6-394 Levy taxes for 2006 budget.  Adopted 7/10/06

Ordinance 6-393 Start forclosure proceedings on Breedlove Farm.  Adopted 5/22/06

Ordinance 6-392 Acquire and dispose of real property (Breedlove Farm).  Adopted 5/22/06

Ordinance 6-391 Call for bids on Pearl River Canal.  Adopted 5/22/06

Ordinance 6-390 Contract w/ bidder on library repairs.  Adopted 5/22/06

Ordinance 6-389 Budget adjustment No. 1 for 2006 budget.  Adopted 5/22/06

Ordinance 6-387 Lease agreement w/ Habitat for Humanity.  Adopted 5/22/06

Ordinance 6-386 Creating the WP Dept. of Human Services.  Adopted 5/22/06

Ordinance 6-385 Prohibiting the development of any new recreational vehicle parks (campgrounds) and manufactured home parks for a period of 90 days.  Adopted 4/10/06

Ordinance 6-384 Requesting LA Local Government Environment Facilities and Community Development authority to issue Revenue & Refunding Bonds for WP Road Project.  Adopted 4/10/06

Ordinance 6-383 Rescind Ordinance 4-347 providing for the increase in the number of directors on the WP Tourism Commission.  Adopted 4/10/06

Ordinance 6-382 Allowing Parish Disposal to exercise the option to extend their contract for 5 years.  Adopted 3/27/06

Ordinance 6-381 Adopting procedures for removal and securing of dangerous structures ad maintenance of property on private lands.  Adopted 3/27/06

Ordinance 6-380 Promissory note for a Community Disaster Loan through FEMA for $1,397,789.  Adopted 3/13/06

Ordinance 6-379 Amending Ordinance 5-376 creating the WP Planning Commission.  Adopted 2/27/06

Ordinance 6-378 Contract w/ Children's Advocacy Center.  Adopted 2/27/06

Ordinance 6-377 WP Communications District to identify all streets, roads, and highway and dwelling places in the District which are not otherwise designated by name and number to change existing names due to duplication.  Adopted 2/27/06

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Ordinance 5-376 Creating Washington Parish Planning Commission amending by Ordinance 6-379.  Adopted 12/19/05

Ordinance 5-375 Adopting budget adjustment #2 to the 2005 annual operating budget.  Adopted 12/19/05

Ordinance 5-374 Levying an occupational license fee in Washington Parish. Adopted 12/5/05

Ordinance 5-373 Apply for FEMA federal grant funds for debris removal from private property.  Adopted 12/5/05

Ordinance 5-372 Cooperative Endeavor Agreement to support and administer Parish Farm Agent.  Adopted 11/14/05

Ordinance 5-371 Adopt 2006 Operating and Capital Outlay Budget.  Adopted 11/14/05

Ordinance 5-370 Sign all documents to apply for and administer LCDBG Grant.  Adopted 10/24/05

Ordinance 5-368 Contract with Jim Ryan LLC for LCDBG.  Adopted 9/27/05

Ordinance 5-367 Contract with PEC on LCDBG for Bogue Lusa Water Works.  Adopted 9/27/05

Ordinance 5-366 Contract with PE on LCDBG for Roads.  Adopted 9/27/05

Ordinance 5-365 Emergency ordinance to protect eh health, safety and welfare of all those dealing w/ person engaged in the contracting.  Adopted 9/13/05

Ordinance 5-364 Make ordinance 5-363 permanent.  Adopted 9/13/05

Ordinance 5-363 Contract to provide financial assistance for services addressing the needs of the citizens of WP.  Adopted 8/30/05

Ordinance 5-362 Contract w/ Covington Paving on the Parish wide Road Program.  Adopted 8/22/05

Ordinance 5-361 Letters of commitment for Varnado/Angie Recreational Trail.  Adopted 8/22/05

Ordinance 5-360 Amending the building permit fee requirement for agricultural purposes.  Adopted 7/25/05

Ordinance 5-359 Cooperative Endeavor Agreement w/ the State of La regarding Pearl River Navigational Canal.  Adopted 8/8/05

Ordinance 5-358 Contract w/ the successful bidder for construction of cell 4&5 at Choctaw Landfill.  Adopted 8/8/05

Ordinance 5-357 Construction  new telecommunication towers in the pathes of WP.  Adopted 7/11/05

Ordinance 5-356 Development of new pain management clinics in Rural Washington Parish.  Adopted 7/11/05

Ordinance 5-355 Levy taxes for the 2005 tax roll.  Adopted 7/11/05

Ordinance 5-354 Adopt budget and #1 for 2005.  Adopted 5/9/05

Ordinance 5-353 amend ordinance 00-232 and 00-234 and provide for permit fee's for locating on existing towers.  adopted 4/25/05

Ordinance 5-352 Dispose of surplus equipment.  Adopted 2/14/05

Ordinance 5-531  Agreement for sale and removal of timber at landfill.  Adopted 1/24/05

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Ordinance 4-350 Adopt budget adjustment #2 for 2004.  Adopted 11/22/04

Ordinance 4-349 Adopt 2005 operating budget.  Adopted 11/22/04

Ordinance 4-348 Disallow the permitting or construction of any new solid waste landfilled in WP amend 00-248.  Adopted 10/26/04

Ordinance 4-347 Amend WP ordinance 46 to reduce tourism commission rescinded ordinance 6-383 on 4/10/06.  Adopted 8/23/04

Ordinance 4-346 Adopt budget adjustment #1 for 2004.  Adopted 8/23/04

Ordinance 4-345 Millage rate adjustment for 2004.  Adopted 7/25/04

Ordinance 4-344 Levied taxes for 2004 tax roll.  Adopted 7/25/04

Ordinance 4-343 Establish hours of operations for any speed contest or acceleration contest.  Adopted 5/26/04

Ordinance 4-342 Lease agreement with Milltown Cabinets LLC for equipment.  Adopted 5/10/04

Ordinance 4-341 Abandon Boss Spears Road. 7-41.  Adopted 5/10/04

Ordinance 4-340 Abandon Holiday Road I-55.  Adopted 4/26/04

Ordinance 4-339 Granting franchise to Entergy La Inc to supply electricity for 50 years to WP.  Adopted 4/5/04

Ordinance 4-338 A revolving loan fund program for Economic Development Program establishing rules and regulations that govern the operation of the Loan Program & Fund.  Adopted 2/9/04

Ordinance 4-337  Contract Economic Development Dept. of the State of La for $79,543 grant.  Adopted 1/5/04

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Ordinance 3-336 Accept and administer revolving loan from Office of Rural Development for Smith Creamery. 12/8/03

Ordinance 3-335 Adopt budget adjustments No. 2 to the 2003 annual operating budget.  12/8/03

Ordinance 3-334 Contract with Covington Paving on Parish wide Road Improvement Program. 12/8/03

Ordinance 3-333 Adopt the 2004 annual operating budget. 11/17/03

Ordinance 3-332 Execute the subordinantion agreement to retain the parish's postion in mortgage documents involving Breedlove Farms. 10/27/03

Ordinance 3-331 Make permanent emergency Ordinance 3-327. 9/8/03

Ordinance 3-330 Contract with the successful bidder for the LCDBG Grant for Varnado Water Works.  8/25/03

Ordinance 3-329 Lease agreement with St Paul AME Church for use as a polling Facility.  8/25/03

Ordinance 3-328 Establish an effective date for Ordinance 3-314 and ordinance 3-317.  8/25/03

Ordinance 3-327 Emergency Ordinance to acquire equipment and personnel necessary to make improvement to minimize danger to the citizens. 8/25/03

Ordinance 3-326 Budget #1 of 2003 budget.  8/25/03

Ordinance 3-325 Make Ordinance 3-323 permanent. 8/11/03

Ordinance 3-324 Sign and submit LCDBG grant documents for 2004-2005 contract w/ Jim Ryan for administrative and engineering services.  8/11/03

Ordinance 3-323 State of emergency to take necessary measures to minimize exposure to future water infiltration. 7/28/03

Ordinance 3-322 Exchange real property in the Town of Franklinton.  7/24/03

Ordinance 3-321 Levy taxes for 2003 tax roll.  6/30/03

Ordinance 3-320 Contract with successful bidder on the LCDBG program for roads.  6/30/03

Ordinance 3-319 Contract with State of La DHH regarding a mosquito abatement program. 6/2/03

Ordinance 3-318 Abaondon a portion of Buckley Coon Road.  4/28/03

Ordinance 3-317 Revise and establish polling location and rules. 5/19/03

Ordinance 3-316 Requesting the La Local Government Environmental Facilities and Community Development authority to issue revenue bonds. 4/28/03

Ordinance 3-315 Sign engagement letter with Richard M. Seal to perform Assurance Audit. 3/24/03

Ordinance 3-314 Comply with State Statue to precinct mergers with less than 300 active registered voters. 3/24/03

Ordinance 3-313 Dispose of Surplus Property. 3/24/03

Ordinance 3-312 Contract with Covington Paving on phase 1-A of Road Improvement Program. 3/24/03

Ordinance 3-311 Apply for $50,000 Grant through DHH. 2/10/03

Ordinance 3-310 Acquisition of real property within the Town of Franklinton on behalf of the WPG.  2/10/03

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Ordinance 2-309 Contract with Aegis Innovative Solutions to develop Hazard Mitigation Plan.  12/30/02

Ordinance 2-308 Cooperative Endeavor Agreement with Washington Parish Reservoir Commission.  12/30/02

Ordinance 2-307 Cooperative Endeavor Agreement with State of La Planning and Control Reservoir. 12/30/02

Ordinance 2-306 Adopt budget adjustment No. 2 for 2003.  12/30/02

Ordinance 2-305 7 Council District members who shall each represent one of the 7 Council Districts & Provide for geographical boundaries for the 7 Council Districts. 12/30/02

Ordinance 2-304 Incurring of debt and issuance of $5,600,000.  12/16/02

Ordinance 2-303 Incurring of debt and issuance of $2,400,00 Certificate of indebtedness.  12/16/02

Ordinance 2-302 Levy tax within sales tax District #2. 12/16/02

Ordinance 2-301 Contract with LCDBG for $440,500.  11/25/02

Ordinance 2-300 Adopt the operating budget. 11/18/02

Ordinance 2-299 Contract with the successful bidder for repairs to courthouse basement. 11/12/02

Ordinance 2-298 Contract with Management Services USA for Worker's Comp. 11/12/02

Ordinance 2-297 Contract with successful bidder for Road Program Phase 1.  10/14/02

Ordinance 2-296 Lease Agreement with LSU. 10/14/02

Ordinance 2-295 Adopt budget adjustment #1.  10/14/02

Ordinance 2-294 Make Ordinance 2-292 permanent. 8/26/02

Ordinance 2-293 Agreement with Dept of Public Safety to collect sales and use tax on motor vehicles.  9/9/02

Ordinance 2-292 Emergency ordinance contract for mosquito abatement program.  8/12/02

Ordinance 2-291 Levy taxes for 2002.  7/22/02

Ordinance 2-290 Adoting a policy to acquire real property for grants only.  7/22/02

Ordinance 2-289 Contract with State Div. of Community Development for Grant and to sign all documents. 6/27/02

Ordinance 2-288 Contract with PEC for Capital Improvement Program for 2002.  6/27/02

Ordinance 2-287 Contract with Economic Development Dept of the State of La for a $250,000 Grant. 6/27/02

Ordinance 2-286 Amend Ordinance 2-284 levying a .33% sales tax.  6/10/02

Ordinance 2-285 Contract with Centeral Progressive Bank to administer revolving loan funds.  5/13/02

Ordinance 2-284 Levying a .33% sales and use tax.  5/13/02

Ordinance 2-283 Amending October 8, 1986 levying of one percent sales tax providing for the reduction and rededicaiton of said tax.  5/13/02

Ordinance 2-282 Contract with Gaylord to sell timber at landfill.  3/25/02

Ordinance  2-281 Sign letters of commitment & third party agreement for grants through Rural Development. 3/25/02

Ordinance 2-280 Lease agreement with Washington Parish Gas District 2.  3/11/02

Ordinance 2-279 Dispose of the trailer at the Choctaw Road Landfill.  3/11/02

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Ordinance 1-278 Sign documents in connection with USDA Grant. 12/18/01

Ordinance 1-277 Adopt budget adjustment No. 1 for 2001.  12/18/01

Ordinance 1-275 Adopt 2002 operating budget.  11/26/01

Ordinance 1-274 Contract for renovating the courthouse basement.  11/26/01

Ordinance 1-273 Contract for engineering services with PEC for Road Rehabililtaion Grant LCDBG for 2002.  10/22/01

Ordinance 1-272 Contract for engineering services with PEC for Varnado Water Works Grant 2002- 2003 LCDBG. 10/22/01

Ordinance 1-271 Contract for administrative services with Jim Reign LLC for LCDBG 2002-2003.  10/22/01

Ordinance 1-270 Lease agreement with Seven Acres Substance Abuse Center.  9/24/01

Ordinance 1-269 Amend ordinance passed on October 14, 1996 to obtain reinbursment from Parish inmates commissary.  9/10/01

Ordinance 1-268 Dispose of surplus property and vehicles.  9/10/01

Ordinance 1-267 Adopt tourism budget.  9/24/01

Ordinance 1-266 Levy taxes for 2001 tax roll.  7/23/01

Ordinance 1-265 Accept the low bid and enter into a contract with the successful bidder to construct an office building at the Choctaw Road Landfill.  6/11/01

Ordinance 1-264 Right of way agreement with Weyerhaeuser for easements on Coburn Creek Bridge and Peters Creek Bridge. 3/26/01 

Ordinance 1-263 Creating sales tax District #2.  3/1/01

Ordinance 1-262 Accept donation of real property to construct Thomas Library.  3/12/01

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Ordinance 00-261 Parish Disposal extend contract for 5 years. 12/12/00

Ordinance 00-259 Adopt a supplemental budget for health unit fund.  12/1/00

Ordinance 00-258 Adopt budget adjustments #3 for 2000.  12/4/00

Ordinance 00-257 Abandon right a way dedicated by Isaac Jenkins in 1906 in Rio Ave.  10/23/00

Ordinance 00-256 Adopt budget adjustment #2 for 2000.  10/23/00

Ordinance 00-255 Abandon right of way and serve article donated by Carey Bateman & Erlie Bickham in September 1974.  10/9/00

Ordinance 00-254 Misdemeanor to misrepresent the origination point of garbage dumped in Washington Parish.  9/11/00

Ordinance 00-253 Amend Ordinance 00-245 provide community services.  9/11/00

Ordinance 00-252 Negotiate with & contract with engineering firm for LCDBG Economics Development Program.  9/11/00

Ordinance 00-251 Contract with Bordelon, Formen & Assoc. 9/11/00

Ordinance 00-250 Conract with an architectural firm to draw plans for office building at Choctaw Road Landfill.  8/28/00

Ordinance 00-249 Millage adjustments for 2000.  8/28/00

Ordinance 00-248 Levy taxes for the 2000 tax roll.  8/14/00

Ordinance 00-247 Contract with Land Works, Inc. for operation of the Choctaw Road Landfill.  7/24/00

Ordinance 00-246 Impose drought restrictions within Parish boundaries. 7/20/00

Ordinance 00-245 Repealing Little Ordinance #33.  7/10/00

Ordinance 00-244 Contract with Weyerhaeuser on 4 clay pits in the Parish.  6/26/00

Ordinance 00-243 Emergency ordinance prohibiting burning in Washington Parish.  6/12/00

Ordinance 00-242 Cooperative Agreement with DOTD for RAP Programs.  6/12/00

Ordinance 00-241 Contract with the State for Block Grant for Parish roads $334,612 for 2000.  6/12/00

Ordinance 00-240 Disallow the permitting or construction of any solid waste landfills in Washington Parish.  6/12/00

Ordinance 00-239 Dispose of surplus property.  5/22/00

Ordinance 00-237 Lease agreement with LSU for Sheridan Shop and Polling booth.  5/22/00

Ordinance 00-236 Multi Judictional Consortium agreeement for carrying out program authorized by the Workforce Investment Act of 1998.  4/24/00

Ordinance 00-235 Adopt procedures for Public Participation during Council meetings.  4/24/00

Ordinance 00-234 Amend Ordinance 00-232. 4/10/00

Ordiancne 00-232 Establish regulations for telecommunication towers amended by Ordinance 5-353.  2/28/00

Ordinance 00-231 Joint Venture Agreement with Office of Public Health.  2/28/00

Ordinance 00-230 Adopt budget adjustment No. 1.  2/28/00

Ordinance 00-229 Emergency ordinance for repairs to elevator at Courthouse.  2/14/00

Ordinance 00-228 Cooperative agreement with Metro Vision Partnership Foundations.  2/14/00

Ordinance 00-227 Lease agreement with Gwen Acres Substance Abuse Clinic.  2/14/00

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Ordinance 99-226 Adopt budget adjustments No. 2 for 1999.  12/28/99

Ordinance 99-225 Contract with Reflection of Dallas for uniforms.  12/13/99

Ordinance 99-224 Amend purchasing procedure in policy & procedures manual to remove $5000.00 limit on purchases.  11/29/99

Ordinance 99-223 Adopt 2000 annual operating budget.  11/8/99

Ordinance 99-222 Adopt budget adjustment No. 2 for 1999.  11/8/99

Ordinance 99-221 Amend Ordinance 99-216 making technical corrections to CD descriptions.  9/27/99

Ordinance 99-220 Accept real estate known as Miller Rd.  9/13/99

Ordinance 99-219 Agreement with V&W Gravel, TXI, Covington & Isabel Machine Shop to replace bridge on Swamp Road.  8/23/99

Ordinance 99-218 Grant ownership and control of Bogalusa Jail to City of Bogalusa.  6/28/99

Ordiannce 99-217 Regulating renting of inner tubes on public streams and waterways. 6/14/99

Ordinance 99-216 Shall be 7 council members who shall represent one of the seven council districts.  5/24/99

Ordinance 99-215 Agreement w/ Weyerhaeuser on Sale of Clay at 4 pits in WP.  5/24/99

Ordinance 99-214 Levy taxes for 1999.  5/10/99

Ordinance 99-213 Adopt supplemental budget No. 2.  5/10/99

Ordinance 99-212 Adopt supplemental budget No. 1.  4/26/99

Ordinance 99-211 Amend & implement a pay plan for Parish Transportation Raod Crew & Mechanics.  4/26/99

Ordinance 99-209 Contract w/ successful bidder for construction of Cell #3 Choctaw.  2/22/99

Ordinance 99-208 Sign documents w/ La National Guard to construct bridge on Thigpen Rd.  2/9/99

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Ordinance 98-207 Contract with Gaylord Container to thin timber at the Landfill.  1/11/98

Ordinance 98-206 Upgrade section 6, article 3 allowing for impoundment for livestock to roam at large. 1/11/98

Ordinance 98-205 Adopt budget adjustment #2.  12/28/98

Ordinance 98-204 Adopting 1999 operating budget.  11/30/98

Ordinance 98-203 Adopting 1999 operating budget.  10/26/98

Ordinance 98-202 Establishing boundaries for 7 charter districts.  10/26/98

Ordinance 98-201 Consolidate, correct and clarify ordinance #37.  10/26/98

Ordinance 98-200 Prohibiting jumping or diving from bridges in WP. 8/10/98

Ordinance 37  Amended ordinance #37 merging precinct 4-7A with 3-1.  3/23/98

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